A Story of Climate Change

~ 2020 - 2021 ~

An upcoming personal project.

Something you likely haven't seen before.

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Pursuit of a passion.A merging of passions.A project I'm scared to begin.

A project I'm scared to not pursue.

A collaboration.

An individual pursuit.


I want to tell you a story, one which hasn't been told yet.  A story I haven't even written yet.  It's a story of climate change which will follow the 162 mile course along the Virgin River of the SW United States.


Climate Change effects individuals in diverse ways, regardless of one's beliefs.  The transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is a reality, even if one denies the climate is changing.  Equally, one's  daily life might be completely unaffected by the loss of sea ice, even if they believe the climate is changing.   The effects are as wide ranging as the people who depend on the Virgin River for their livelihood.  This project is an attempt to understand these effects in a new way.  


Moving forward, it will take solutions which work for everyone and it will take everyone working together to adapt to a changing climate.


Climate Change has a face. 

The solution is human.

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~ The Red River ~

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