I am deeply inspired by Nature; by how it stirs emotion, humbles the human spirit, evokes curiosity and rewards patience.  These attributes can occur in grand landscapes and intimate scenes, with equal intensity or subtlety.

My artistic goal goes beyond simply showing the viewer my perspective.  My intent is to allow the viewer space for their own interpretation of the image.  Similarly, I aim to show more than what a scene looked like.  My experience, thoughts and emotions are all contained in the final image and represent a combination of self and place, while allowing the viewer equal space for experience and interpretation.  

My final images are invitations to the viewer to something beyond the obvious.  I draw on my artistic inspirations to communicate this as simply, and as effectively, as I can.  Thus, my tool for this creative communication is a camera. 

Eric Erlenbusch - 2020

2015 - Moab, UT - Digital

2015 - Moab, UT - Digital

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